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Concept of our food tours is simple. We’re food lovers, good friends and guides in one. We present our cuisine and its meaning in daily life through tasting local foods and drinks of the highest quality. How do we live, how much do we earn, what do we like? Those questions get answered on our food tours, too.

Welcome to the unforgettable journey into flavours and culture of Slovak cuisine!

What is the food tour?

All our food and drink tours are pleasant, enjoyable walks around the city with a local foodie. Joining our tour gives you an unforgettable opportunity to taste fantastic Slovak cuisine, try local dishes (or alcohol) and hear the interesting stories behind them. You will learn how Slovaks welcome their guests, why there might be a problem taking a bath around Christmas, how we like our lunch and we will explain a bit about the odd food we enjoy on various occasions. We will show you our popular firewater, explain how we drink our coffee and open your horizons with interesting local information.

Please be prepared for more than a full meal – do not eat lunch before the Traditional Food Tour, make lunch plans after the Bratislava Brunch Tour or dinner plans after the Bratislava Local Beer & Food Tour. Part of our food tours requires some walking, so please put on a pair of comfortable shoes.

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Every day at 10 AM
3 hours

EUR 80/ person

Every day at 1 PM

4 hours

EUR 100/ person

Every day at 5 PM
4 hours

EUR 110/ person

Nov 25 to Dec 22 at 4 PM
2,5 hours

EUR 80/ person

This is what our customers say about us

I really enjoyed the food tour with our guide Linda and will definitely recommend it as the first thing to do when in Bratislava.
Ada, Sweden

Joined Bratislava Food Tours in December 2015

Not only were the tour itself and the foods we tried excellent, but all of the additional things Linda had prepared were perfect, from pictures of traditional dishes to the set of spices used to flavour Slovak cuisine. We loved hearing about how food tied into daily life as well as special celebrations throughout Slovakia.
Elizabeth, Canada

Joined Bratislava Food Tours in April 2016

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