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Booking & Pricing

What is the best time to go on a food tour during my stay?

We highly recommend and encourage all the foodies to go on a food tour at the beginning of their visit. It not only improves your orientation in Bratislava, but also helps you get to grips with our amazing Slovak cuisine. We provide our guests with a list of recommended places to eat depending on your location and budget, too.

How much does your tour cost?

Our most popular Traditional Food Tour costs  100€ per person, Bratislava Brunch Tour is shorter and costs 80€ per person, Local Beer & Food Tour is the longest one and costs 110€ per person. In winter you can join us on Christmas Market Food Tour for 80€. All the prices are final.
Kids taking part in tastings pay half price.

Is the price all-inclusive?

Yes – all the meals, drinks and various snacks on our food tours are covered. Still, you may want to have some spare cash if you want to buy something on the way (bottle of wine, that tasty sausage…).

How can I pay for the food tour?

After confirmation of the date of your tour, we will send you a PayPal invoice for the deposit payment (10€/ person), which can be securely paid online. Remaining balance has to be paid in cash to your guide on the day of the tour. In case of last minute bookings, you may pay the full price on the spot to the guide.

Is your tour designed for children? If so how much will I need to pay?

Children of all ages, whether walking or in a stroller/ baby carrier, can take one of our tours. If they are not participating in the food tastings then there is no cost, otherwise they pay falf the regular price. 

How can I book my tour?

Please send us an e-mail as soon as you know the date that suits your travel needs the best. Maximal number of participants on all our food tours is 8, so it’s the early bird rule. If  you happen to be in Bratislava now, just call us or send an e-mail and we will inform you if we have a tour that you can join.

What is the group size?

The aim of our food tours is be a customized, personal experience of discovering Bratislava, its food, history and present situation. In order to guarantee that, group size is limited to maximum of 8 participants. Everyone is welcome to join our food tours, so be prepared to meet new people from the whole world.
Please note that we have special offers for organized groups bigger than 8.

What if we are interested in other times than advertised?

If there are more than 2 people who wish to have the tour for themselves, we are happy to arrange a different time or even a private group tour with a pick – up from your hotel.

What is Bratislava Food Tours Cancellation Policy?

We understand that sometimes your travel plans may change due to unexpected circumstances. We request the deposit (10€/ person) to cover our booking and reservations costs and as commitment that you will join the tour (we have to decline many enquiries due to the high demand). As a rule, we refund all deposits if you cancel 2 weeks before the scheduled date of the reserved food tour or later, minus the transaction costs. We keep the deposit if you cancel later to cover the associated costs. Thank you for understanding.


Where is the meeting point?

Meeting points vary depending on the type of the tour. Please refer to the indiviudal tours in the TOURS menu.

How long does a tour take?

Depending on the type chosen, our tours take approx. 3 – 4 hours (sometimes more). We don’t spend the whole time eating, but also walking, talking and discovering Bratislava. Honestly, the walking parts are really helpful after tasting all the meals.

In case of bad weather, will the tour be cancelled?

Our tours run regardless of weather conditions – rain, hail or shine! If rain is in the forecast, bring waterproofs and/or an umbrella as we will be outside for a lot of the tour. You may also want to bring a bottle of water with you if the weather is warm. We will cancel the tour only if the conditions are truly extreme.

Is it a good idea to join a food tour as a part of our day trip from Vienna to Bratislava?

Joining Bratislava Food Tours is a great idea if you have limited time in Bratislava and want to discover the most of our beautiful city, its history and culture (and obviously food?). Many of our participants come from Vienna in the morning (by train/ bus/ on boat, this takes app. 1 hour) and leave in the evening after our delicious food tour. Same is possible from Budapest, but the ride is longer as it takes app. 2,5 hours. We are glad to help you with the transportation or can organise a private pick up for you.


How much will we eat?

Slovaks are known as a hospitable nation and you can see that on our food tours! If you enjoy Slovak food, you may be sure that a tour makes for more than a full meal with a dessert. In case of Traditional Food Tour, we advise skipping lunch as you won’t be able to try everything as many food and drink tastings will be served. However, it’s a good idea to eat breakfast. If you decide to join Sweet Tooth Tour, we suggest no lunch plans after the tour. (You’ll see yourself – so far only cancellations have been made:))

Who chooses the places where we eat?

Bratislava Food Tours are independent culinary walks which aim to provide you with the best experience of Slovakia. Therefore, you can be sure that every single place was carefully chosen by our founder Linda or other guides. Vendors we will take you to are those where we go ourselves or often take our visiting friends so you can be sure of their highest quality.

Is there alcohol?

As part of our tour, alcohol is served during at least one of the stops. Feel free to ask for a soft drink or water as an alternative if you prefer not to drink alcohol.

Do you cater for vegetarians/vegans/lactose intolerant visitors or celiacs?

Traditional Slovak cuisine is rather rich in meat and relies heavily on the use of dairy products. We offer vegetarian substitutes upon request and are able to adjust the menu to the needs of lactose intolerant visitors or celiacs. However, only limited assortment of meals can be part of the food tour for vegans – for those we recommend joining our Vegan Bratislava Food Tour.
Please notify us in advance about your dietary restrictions.

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